Thursday, August 21, 2008

Test MacBook Air post

This post comes from CrunchGear (…)is-basically-useless/)

It has more than 140 comments. We just copy/paste a few to show you how the CommenTag plugin can enhance the discussion and make it much more readable.

The interesting thing here is that even the author of this post (Devin Coldewey) admitted that probably nobody reads comments:

Edit: Apparently I’ve stirred up the hive, so I guess I need to address this one point more clearly. (I already did in a comment but who reads ‘em?)”

Saturday, October 22, 2005

My first ticket

I'm using the new Flock browser nder MacOS X
It rocks! :-)

I have to go further in all the features. But the integration with the others applications doesn't seem to work. It's impossible to drag and drop any picture from your iPhoto library to the nice icon "Drag stuff to blog it" of Flock. Painfully.

but this is only a beta version. Hope the integration will be better in further versions

See ya